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Five years in the making. I was so blessed and Fortunate to meet an Italian Family from Brazil who have been nurturing and cultivating their family owned farm in The Cerrado Mineiro Region for the past 40 years. 


This coffee is organically grown and Naturally Low in Acidity - By Way of Mother Nature. There is a Tecnique Roasters can do to bring Acid levels down. 


This One of A Kind Bean is Naturally Low in Acidity Because of The Earth it is Grown, and Naturally  Rich in Polyphenols. Say goodbye to bad colesterol. 


So smooth and no harm to your tummy for those of you who may have quit coffee because of Acid. 


It is also Rich in Polyphenols, a naturally occurring Nutrient Known to Strip Bad Cholesterol out of the human body. 


Cheers and Good Morning to your Health!

Low Acidity / House Roast

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House Roast
$17.00every week until canceled
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