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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Cup.

Ten years ago, I was in the middle of painting a mural for a very well know Seak-Easy in Charleston. The owner asked me to write something nice about our beloved City, and then , it hit me. There's No Place Like Charleston. Then a still small voice spoke to me and said,..Jeff this idea is for you, not for the mural. Since  then I have listened and have been guided by that same voice. It has lead my brand to a Bloody Mary Mix, Pickles, Pecans and peaches. ,... and now, A family owned coffee farm in Brazil. 

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The Golden Rule

Nothing Authentic and Real can be built without the truth, not even Love. Charleston is indeed a One of a Kind City because of it's people. Community and Family First is here. It's not all about owning a big Home. There is a certain way of treating people. There was once known of a practice called .. ''The Golden Rule'',, It is a common sense that I simply honor and treat you, the way I would like to be treated and we all grow and prosper. That's Our Community, that's Charleston. Family and a way of treating people begins with the right examples at home. Our products are dedicated to The American Family that is raising their Children with Morals and Values and The Golden Rule. God Bless America.

Our Clients

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